Become A More Effective Leader

One of my favorite definitions of leadership comes from Kevin Cashman’s book Leadership from the Inside Out. He says, “Leadership is authentic influence that creates value.” True authenticity starts with a thorough understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses. No two people are alike and the challenges we face will vary greatly, but here are four questions that will help you reflect on the areas many leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with.

1. Am I effectively managing my emotions?

Do you have a good understanding of how you’re naturally wired and what your triggers and drivers are? Do you have strategies for dealing with stressful people and circumstances and making efficient and effective decisions under pressure? Identifying and managing your emotions is a critical first step to becoming an effective leader.

2. Do I have a clear vision and plan and is that plan articulated effectively and regularly to my team?

Could your team make decisions and carry out tasks based on their understanding of the end goal? Does everyone on your team understand what’s next for the organization and their role in getting there? As a leader you are in charge of constantly charting the course and bringing everyone along with you through consistent and effective communication.

3. Do I delegate efficiently and effectively?

Have you created a positive environment has that invites independent thought while providing guardrails? Have you set check-in points so your team can pivot if needed? Good delegation is important because it allows others to grow in their ability to produce or lead.

4. Am I responsibly and compassionately holding others accountable?

Have you developed the trust and rapport you need to be seen as a team member? Are you clearly communicating expectations and answering the right questions so that everyone on your team feels successful? The better you understand your people, the better able you will be to leverage their talents and abilities and help them with the follow through they need to be successful.

Awareness is the first step in identifying the gaps you need to address to become a more effective leader. Exploring these questions can help to open your mind and push through some boundaries that will elevate you to the next level of success as a leader.

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