InterACT4Impact, Inc. Launches because Relationships + Results = Success

For over 25 years in serving people of all ages and in all walks of life, I have always been fascinated with how people interact with each other and how they create the results they do.
What I have come to learn having been a social worker, a marriage educator, growth coach and now a personal development strategist and facilitator, is that the quality of our relationships with people, whether in our personal life or work life, directly impacts our ability to produce meaningful results which in turn determines our ability to experience our definition of success.

How do you define success?

My belief that Relationships + Results= Success compelled me to take the leap into entrepreneurship almost 10 years ago and find tools and strategies to enhance people’s ability to create healthy relationships and design key actions to produce their desired results.
InterACT4Impact, Inc. is in existence because of others investment in me and my investment in them. I did not get here on my own. It was interactions with people and creating meaningful results due to following a plan that worked that has launched this new endeavor.

What idea are you ready to launch, what is your plan to launch it and who needs to be on your team to make it happen?

I have the audacity to believe businesses and organizations, whether they have one employee or thousands of employees, can reach their vision of success if they remember these two things: PEOPLE MATTER. RESULTS MATTER.

Deb Sauder, CEO, Personal Development and Action Design Strategist – InterACT4Impact, Inc.

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