May Spotlight – A Journey of Business Ownership

Meet Deb Sauder the founder and CEO of Interact4Impact.  

Deb has over 25 years of experience in equipping people to generate meaningful results in their personal and professional lives.  She has over 15 years experience in leading teams in organizational and community projects, and over 10 years experience in helping small businesses thrive.  Through her candid and innovative approach, she motivates her clients to take purposeful action in improving their abilities and achieving their definition of success.

Here are Deb’s thoughts on work-life balance…

  1. Why did you go into business? 

I started out on my own after 20 years in social work because I wanted to combine my talents and abilities in a unique way that would allow me to make an impact on people’s lives. After receiving life-changing advice and assistance myself, I knew that I wanted to help others more accurately perceive themselves and use that information to better navigate and succeed in the world.

  1. How do you define work/life balance? 

To me, work/life balance is all about finding and paying attention to the rhythm that best suits you and the people around you. I describe the balance as “riding the wave” because the environment and needs around you are constantly shifting and you need to find your center and comfort by creating boundaries for yourself. No two people will ride the same wave because we’re all wired differently and need different things to feel in balance.

  1. Why is it so important for leaders to achieve or strive for work/life balance? 

Leaders set the tone for those around them. Finding the level of self-awareness to navigate stressful times while remaining balanced is crucial to leading a team where people feel empowered to express their own needs and find their rhythm.

  1. What is your biggest struggle when it comes to “riding the wave”? 

My biggest challenge is staying tuned in to what the people around me need from me when I’m focused on achieving a goal or reaching a milestone. I need to frequently remind myself to slow down and stay present to make sure I give the level of attention and awareness to the things that may not be as pressing, but are just as important.

  1. What is the biggest piece of advice you give to entrepreneurs who are struggling with work/life balance? 

Dig deeper to understand what is really working and not working with how you’re currently operating. Ask the tough questions about how you got where you are and what behaviors aren’t serving you well in creating the balance you want. Be honest with yourself and if you’re still feeling stuck, ask for help.

  1. What are some tools or strategies you use to keep yourself balanced during times of stress at home or at work?

I am aware of the things that tend to fall off of my radar or things that I avoid and I make sure to schedule those and plan around them. I block specific time for family, time for planning and time for relationship building. Having a current six month action plan helps me stay on top of the priorities I have and keep them balanced and moving forward.

  1. What are the positive results you’ve seen for people who become more focused on creating an intentional work/life balance? 

People who have chosen to do the work of mastering their own sense of balance have more clarity on what the real problems or obstacles are that are keeping them from the balance they want to achieve. They can more quickly identify the feeling of being out of balance and have the tools to self-correct and get back in balance and back on their path to success.

If you would like to know more about Deb and the work that she and her team does with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits, feel free to connect!