Strategic Insights and Planning for Nonprofits

Simple and effective tools to create greater results with and through people.

Are you and your team creating meaningful results?

Professional growth and development are relevant to the workplace and essential for long-term success. Nonprofits must run lean, so it is even more important to invest in employees who are willing to hone skills. Doing so will help employees to work and interact more efficiently, and contribute to accomplishing the nonprofit’s goals for success.

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Insight assessments are essential whether you:

  • Are looking to hire
  • Have a new hire
  • Have long-term employees
  • Are a leader in the organization
  • Experience drama in the workplace
  • Struggle with turnover
  • Expect high performance

Do you want your team to stand out and lead your nonprofit to succeed?

Insight assessments are essential whether you:

  • Discover work behaviors that lead to success or can get in the way of success
  • Explore what motivates and inspires commitment to excellence
  • Elevate personal competencies and the ability to manage behaviors and work relationships
  • Activate self-awareness, confidence, and ability to influence others
  • Accelerate trust within a team, take purposeful and effective action towards goals, and create accountability in achieving desired results

How your team interacts in the workplace significantly impacts overall ability to generate results that lead to long-term success.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – J.F. Kennedy

Do you want your team to stand out and lead your nonprofit to succeed?

InterACT4Impact Has a Strong Record of Success

  • Interact4Impact has been such a wonderful asset in the work that we do. We took the assessments as a staff and it has really increased our productivity and ability to work together more effectively. Each staff member better understands what may get in their way of finishing tasks or how to be most efficient. As their boss I am able to see what motivates each member and be a more effective manager.

    Stephanie Silvers, Executive Director, Dress for Success Twin Cities

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