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At InterACT4Impact, we are prepared to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations hire, train, and develop employees and teams that function at maximum capacity and enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfillment only achieved through satisfaction. Our Services are tailored to your needs. We are available to advise which service you and your team would most benefit from.

Discover People’s Talents

(see Insight Assessments for descriptions)

  • DISC/Behaviors Your approach to problems, people, pace, procedures
  • Driving Forces What values drive you to get up and do the work you do every day
  • Time Wasters How you may be wasting time and energy at work
  • Emotional Intelligence Quotient Your level of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills
  • Personal CompetenciesThe top soft skills you bring to your job
  • Acumen Your capacity and level of clarity in understanding people, tasks, systems, self, roles, and self direction
  • Stress QuotientThe stressors impacting your productivity and engagement in the workplace
  • MBA Motivated by Appreciation Inventory – How you want to be appreciated by others in the workplace
  • Boundaries and Assertiveness Inventories Your ability to create healthy boundaries and assert your needs

We help small businesses understand and leverage the talents and abilities of their people!

Put the Right People in the Right Seats
  • Determine Job Roles
  • Benchmark the Job
  • Create an Effective Interview Process
  • Reveal Best Candidate
  • Onboard New Hires

We help small businesses reduce turnover by hiring and developing the best talent for the job!

Invest in People
  • Individual Strategy Sessions
  • Team Strategy Sessions
  • Individual and/or Team Professional Development Plans
  • Individual and/or Team Accountability

We help small business leaders and their employees develop skills for high performance!

Build Trust with People
  • Dynamic Communication Relating in the Workplace
  • Your Attitude Is Showing Motivation in the Workplace
  • Building Fences with Gates Healthy Boundaries in the Workplace
  • ECreate a “Win-Win” Assertiveness in the Workplace
  • What’s Really Stressing You?Burnout Prevention in the Workplace
  • Stop the Madness Managing Emotions in the Workplace
  • SOON TO COME! Bridging the GapHonoring Generations in the Workplace

We can give small businesses and their teams the tools they need to positively impact their interactions with each other and increase engagement and productivity!

Plan for Success and Bring Your Vision to Life
  • Focused Conversation Clarify needs and concerns of the team – Everyone’s voice is heard!
  • Idea & Consensus Development Brainstorming options for next steps – Get the best ideas out!
  • Action Planning Key actions to be taken by team for specific projects – Generate short-term successes to build on!
  • Strategic Planning Create a Plan That Leads to Long Term Success! (3-5 year plan for success)

We help small businesses create a customized and actionable plan to bring their vision of success to life!

At InterACT4Impact, People Matter. Results Matter.

  • I had a Disc Assessment with Deb and while I have done similar type assessments I found that when it came time to discussing the results that Deb was able to help me look at myself in a different way than I had before. I continue to refer back to the disc and learn from it. It is a valuable tool whether you are a single business owner, small business with a few employee’s or several employee’s.

    Paula Sevenich, Designs by Paula

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