People Matter

In the recent “2013 State of the American Workplace” report released by Gallup, the results show that 70% of American workers are “Not engaged” or “Actively Disengaged.”

Poor management and disengaged employees in the workplace are creating a $450 billion to $550 billion annual deficit for U.S. companies. The cost of disengagement has been estimated to be so pervasive that it costs an organization, on the average $5,000 per employee, conservatively.

What does disengagement look like?

Disengaged people:

  • Are “Checked out” – thinking about their next break or lunch
  • Show up to kill time until the next pay check
  • Have little concern for other people’s needs including customers
  • Return less than 60% of their pay in value

How would others say you show up on the job?

What does being engaged at work look like?

Engaged People:

  • Are fully involved in, and enthusiastic about their work
  • Committed to their organization’s goals and values
  • Motivated to contribute to the success of the organization
  • Dedicated to their own personal development
  • Return 100% – 120% in their pay in value

What value do you bring to your work?

What can be done?


  1. Select the Right People
  2. Develop Employees’ Strengths
  3. Enhance Employees’ Wellbeing

What one step can you or your organization do to accelerate engagement in the workplace?

“Knowing how you matter on the job, in your business, or as an organization is key to being able to take purposeful action. Having the tools needed to effectively interact in various situations impacts the people you work with and the people you serve. Invest in your most valuable resource – people.” Deb Sauder, CEO of InterACT4Impact, Inc.

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