Professional Development and Action Design Strategies for Small/Midsize Businesses

Increase meaningful results by increasing workplace productivity and engagement.

Is your workplace positively engaged and productive?

What is the cost to you each and every day, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, to own or work in a small business or organization where the people you spend 8 to 10 hours a day with are negative, lack emotional commitment, and are there to just collect a paycheck?

The Human Capital Institute lists the financial consequences of employee engagement/disengagement:

  • Fully engaged employees return 120% of their pay/salary in value.
  • Engaged employees return 100% of their pay in value.
  • Somewhat disengaged employees return 80% of their pay in value.
  • Disengaged employees return 60% of their pay in value.
  • Gallup estimates that a disengaged employee costs an organization approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 of salary.
  • Disengaged employees cost the American economy up to $350 billion a year due to lost productivity.

What can we do to help?


How can employee engagement be impacted and lead to greater quality of service, higher customer satisfaction, increased sales and higher levels of profit?

  • Assess and utilize people’s talents, strengths and abilities.
  • Invest in Professional Development for all employees, not just top management.
  • Lead a work environment and management culture that encourages and supports employee engagement.
  • Learn to create “win-win” solutions to reduce workplace conflict.
  • Communicate clear expectations and directions for action planning and accountability.
  • Provide a context for healthy, meaningful and effective interactions.
  • Facilitate participation of individuals and teams while inspiring partnership and action.
  • Hire the right people that will support the vision and mission of the business/organization.

Watch Deb’s video about Action Design Strategies.

Support a Healthy Work Environment

  • Deb has been an absolute pleasure to work with in regards to helping our company find out ‘who we are.’ We have discovered through her teaching that it is hard to improve one’s self without knowing the foundation in which to start improving.

    Geoff Bay, Owner at Engel & Volkers, Minneapolis

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