What are you looking for from your workplace, your leaders, your team?

“The key to business success today is maximizing human potential, accomplished through leadership effectiveness, values, and trust.” Michael Bush and Sarah Lewis-Kulin, Fortune Magazine, February 15, 2018

Studies have found that today’s organizations scoring highest in Values, Innovation, Financial Growth, Leadership Effectiveness, Maximizing Human Potential, and Trust grow revenue about 10% faster.  How does your workplace score?  Would you vote your workplace as a best place to work?

Deb, our CEO and Workplace Strategist, is speaking tomorrow on Developing An Unbeatable Team at the The American Payroll Northstar Chapter Meeting .  If you are a member, come join her and put some key tools and strategies in your tool belt to create a workplace your team members want to show up for.

There will be a special drawing at the event for a prize worth $450!

We hope to see you there!